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January 24    Scripture

Jerusalem: Towers
During the Roman Period Jerusalem had many towers in the city and especially along the three walls. According to Josephus there were 90 towers along the third wall about 100 meters apart.

The Psephinus Tower in First Century Jerusalem NW corner of the third wall. The stood 115 feet high according to Josephus and from the top one could see both the Mediterranean Sea and the Mountains of Arabia. Josephus mentions the Tower Psephinus saying, "But wonderful as was the third wall throughout, still more was the tower Psephinus, which rose at its northwest angle and opposite to which Titus encamped. For, being seventy cubits high, it afforded from sunrise a prospect embracing both Arabia and the utmost limits of Hebrew territory as far as the sea." (Josephus Wars). In the Temple Model of Jerusalem the location of the Tower of Psephinus is situated in a certain place which could overlook Jerusalem, the Dead Sea, and the Mountains of Moab. This spot is now occupied by a Russian compound in downtown Jerusalem. The octagonal shape is speculated and shaped after the Tower of the Winds in Athens. There was a gate near the tower called by Josephus "The Gate of the Women's Towers" where Titus entered the city with his army.

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