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January 24    Scripture

Jerusalem: Historical Overview
The history of Jerusalem from ancient times to the present spanning the ages.

Recent History of Jerusalem After the devastating destruction of Jerusalem by Titus of Rome in 70 AD there was more disturbing history. In 135 A.D. Bar Cocheba, a false Messiah, organized a revolt against Rome and took possession of the city of Jerusalem, and attempted to rebuild the Temple. The Roman army suppressed the revolt and 580,000 Jews were slaughtered and Judah was desolated. Now the Jews were completely forbidden to ever enter Jerusalem again, or that Jew would die. In about 326 A.D. the Roman emperor Constantine made Jerusalem a leading Christian center, the Temple of Astarte was torn down, the current site of the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. During the fifth century A.D. Jerusalem became the seat of one of the 5 Patriarchal cities who dominated Christendom, along with Rome, Constantinople, Antioch and Alexandria. In the year 637 A.D. Jerusalem fell to the followers of Mohammed, and it remained a Mohammedan city, except for a period of about 100 years during the Crusade Period, until 1917 when it returned to the control of Christendom.

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