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March 20    Scripture

Jerusalem: Names
The city of Jerusalem was called by many names throughout history.

Aelia Capitoiina Aelia Capitoiina was the name given to Jerusalem in 135 AD by the Emperor Hadrian. After the Roman had destroyed and buried the city they rebuilt a portion of the city and erected a temple to Jupiter on Mount Moriah and forbid access to any Jew to enter Jerusalem. The Emperor Hadrian gave Jerusalem the name "Aelia Capitoiina" and the Moslems retained this name until the time of the Crusades.

City of David The City of David was the fourth name of Jerusalem mentioned in Scripture. Once David became king over Israel he conquered the Jebusites and stormed their fortress on Mount Zion (1 Sam. 5:5-9).Jerusalem became his home and the capital of his kingdom. Jerusalem became the City of David.

El Khuds El Khuds is the name given by the Mohammedans, and it is known by this name at the present time to Moslems. Jerusalem regained its name with the creation of the State and Country of Israel despite the fact that the Muslims control the Temple Mount.

Jebus Jebus was the second name and also mentioned in the Bible. It was an old name of Jerusalem derived from the Jebusites who dwelt there during the time of king David. During this period the city was really Mount Zion, the chief hill (Judg. 19: 10; 1 Chron. 11:4, 5). Note: Even though the Jebusites referred to Jerusalem as Jebus, the Tell El Amarna Tablets shed light on the etymology of the very ancient name using the name "Urusaliyim" for Jerusalem.

Jerusalem Jerusalem was a combination of Jebus and Salem and was first mentioned in the Bible in Joshua 10:1, where Adoni-zedek, king of Jerusalem, made an alliance with other kings against Joshua of Israel.

Salem Salem was the first recorded name of Jerusalem revealed in the Scriptures. Jeru means city and the word "Salem" comes from the Hebrew 'Shalom" and means "Peace" but it means much more than peace, shalom has a connotation of wholeness, contentment, blessing, prosperity, and lack of aggression. Genesis 14 reveals that Melchizedek was the king of Salem when Abraham met him and paid him tithes from his spoils of the war against the kings of the east. David said, " In Salem is the tabernacle and his dwelling place in Zion " (Ps. 76:2).

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