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January 20    Scripture

Ancient Persia: Shipwrecks
Lost Persian Ships Discovered by Archaeologists

Bid to Find Lost Persian Armada Archaeologists have embarked on an epic search for an ancient fleet of Persian ships that was destroyed in a violent storm off Greece in 492 BC... The team will search for sunken remains of the armada - sent by Persian king Darius to invade Greece - which was annihilated before reaching its target. [Ancient Persia " Shipwrecks]

Sunken Persian Warships University of Colorado archaeologist, colleagues hot on the trail of ancient Persian warships Most useful research tool an octopus. CU-Boulder's Robert Hohlfelder enters the manned Thetis submersible submarine off the northern coast of Greece last October in search of sunken Persian warships. An international research team including a University of Colorado at Boulder professor has mounted a deep-water search off the northern coast of Greece in search of a fleet of Persian warships presumed lost in a massive ocean storm in 492 B.C. The armada of warships is believed to have been sent by Persian King Darius to invade Greece, according to ancient historical accounts. The research team included more than a dozen Greek, Canadian, American and Finnish scholars.

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