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Study Tools: Resources
List of websites and resources for the study of the Bible and the ancient world

Ancient Greek World University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology

Argos A limited area search engine for ancient and medieval sites.

Assyrian Texts - Provides a way to purchase texts of new translations of Assyrian texts [Electonic Text Sites]

Bible Web Christian Web Portal Bible and Church History Directory

Christianity and Bible Critical Links Skeptic/Atheist, Scholastic Resources, Christian

Classical and Mediterranean Archaeology Homepage Lengthy list of sites as well as search tools for classical and mediterranean archaeology, and lists of other indexes.

Classics at Oxford - This site has a lot of Electronic texts, of mixed languages and textual accuracy. Some of the text is not accessable from the WEB. [Electonic Text Sites]

EIKON Image Database for Biblical Studies The EIKON Image Database for Biblical Studies is a faculty-library initiative at Yale Divinity School that provides digital resources for teaching and research in the field of Biblical studies. Community of Online Ministries [Study Tools]

Loeb Classical Library The Loeb Classical library provides texts which are not available through other sources, and many if not all of the books are printed with both the original language and an English translation. Their book list can also be used as a resource to obtain a list of ancient authors, and what they wrote. [Electonic Text Sites]

Middle East Studies Internet Resources - This has English translations of Greek, Roman and Egyptian documents in a simple ASCII text format. [Electonic Text Sites]

Oriental Institute ABZU Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago Database including information on Ancient Near East philology, archaeology, and the Institute's own projects, as well as ABZU (Index to Ancient Near Eastern Resources on the Internet)

Perseus Project - Provides an extensive resource information for GREEK literature and culture. Greek texts and English translations are available, as well as Greek translation tools. An extensive picture collection is provided, both of archaeological sites and artifacts. CD ROMS are available for purchase (MAC format). [Electonic Text Sites]

Professional Societies Until this section is finished being indexed into the main database you can click here to see a list of links including the Bible History Online general resources on this subject, although many of these links are outdated. [Professional Societies]

RussellCraft Multimedia Provides help with audio and video.

The Encyclopedia of New Testament Textual Criticism Robert Waltz site. Conceived by Rich Elliott of Simon Greenleaf University [New Testament Studies] [Church History]

The Mansoor Amarna Collection - Primarily a site related to the scientific arguments about the authenticity of the Mansoor Amarna artifacts [Electonic Text Sites]

The Rome Project Links to many informative sites

The Tech Classics Archive - This site provides English translations of Greek and Roman documents. Many, if not all, are in HTML format, but they do not have paragraph indexing. [Electonic Text Sites]

Universal Church of God Bible- based Christian apostolic church promoting the infallible, inerrancy of the Holy Scriptures!

University of Virginia: SGML Text - This site stores documents in SGML, but provides them to WEB brousers as HTML. It has very little ancient documents, but the few it has are provided with HTML chapter markers which allow easy indexing of the documents. [Electonic Text Sites]

Wheaton University: Christian Classics - Text accuracy is not consistantly high, but many Christian resources are available. [Electonic Text Sites]

Wheaton University: Classics - Text accuracy is not consistantly high, but many Christian resources are available. [Electonic Text Sites]

ZChurch Bible Dictionary & Glossary Great glossary tool for Bible related subjects.

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