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Study Tools: Dictionaries and Encyclopedias
Search through your favorite Bible Dictionary, Encyclopedia or Other Study Aids

Easton's Bible Dictionary Easton's Bible Dictionary is considered to be one of the most popular Bible dictionaries in the world. Its easy to read layman style dictionary has 3964 Biblical definitions, and the Easton's Bible Dictionary is a recommended resource for any good study library. This bastion of knowledge, written by Matthew George Easton, was published in 1897, three years after his death. Using the most recent information in that day, Easton presented a concise volume that has aided both layman and scholar in their study of God's word.

Fausset's Bible Dictionary The Fausset's Bible Dictionary by the Rev. A.R. Fausset, the co-author of the classic Jamieson, Fausset and Brown Commentary, This Bible Dictionary remains an excellent tool for teachers and students alike. It is one of the best single-volume Bible dictionaries ever written for Bible study. Rev. Fausset writes in an easy to understand format for any serious student of the Bible or scholar. Fausset's Bible Dictionary is an excellent tool for Bible study whether it be in-depth or basic. .

Hitchcock's Bible Dictionary Hitchcock's Bible Names Dictionary, from Hitchcock's New and Complete Analysis of the Holy Bible (c. 1869). Roswell D. Hitchcock, Washburn Professor of Church History in the Union Theological Seminary, New York City. Expand your knowledge of Bible names and their meaning with this wonerful dictionary. Use it to understand a brief description of a large number of names mentioned in the Bible. This concise volume has been an aid to both layman and scholar in their study of the Word of God.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia - ISBE The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, also known as the ISBE, is an exhaustive Biblical encyclopedia that explains in detail every significant word in the Bible, and also includes historical information from the Apocrypha. It provides detailed information on the language and literature of the Bible world, their cultures and the historical and religious environments of the people of the Bible in articles by nearly 200 scholars.

King James Bible (Complete) The Holy Bible, containing the Old and New Testaments, King James Version also known as KJV. In 1604 James VI, King of Scotland from his youth, became King James I of England, the first ruler of Brittain and Ireland. Because of the growing animosity of James toward the Puritans, a leading Puritan spokesman, Dr. John Reynolds, proposed that a new English Bible be issued in honor of the new King. King James saw an opportunity to bring about a unity with the church service in Presbyterian Scotland and Episcopal England. King James appointed 54 learned scholars in the making of this new translation from the original Greek and Hebrew into English. For the Old Testament they used the ben Asher text, and for the New Testament they used the Greek text of Erasmus and a Greek and Latin text of the 6th Century found by Theodore Beza. They used Chapters (developed by Archbishop Stephen Langton in 1551) and Verses (the verse divisions of Robert Estienne). It was completed and published in 1611 and became known as the "Authorized Version" because the making of it was authorized by King James. It became the "Official Bible of England" and the only Bible of the English church. There have been many revisions of the King James Bible ie. 1615, 1629, 1638, and 1762. Some of them include marginal notes containing the chronology of Biblical events laid out by Archbishop James Ussher (1581-1656), which dates Adam and Eve at 4004 B.C. The 1762 revision is what we now presently know as the King James Version.

Nave's Topical Bible Naves Topical Bible is an excellent study tool. It contains over 20,000 Bible topics and over 100,000 scripture references. Orville Nave was a chaplain in the United States Army and began a work from his years of "delightful and untiring study of God's Word."

Smiths Bible Dictionary Dr. William Smith's Bible Dictionary was originally written in 1884, and remains one of the most popular Bible dictionaries in the world. It contains information about people, places, customs, history, geography, and the textual content of the Bible. It is an essential reference book for studying the Scripture's subjects.

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