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January 21    Scripture

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Archaeology and Scholarly Journals

Biblical Archaeologist - now called Near Eastern Archaeology A new online journal. Not much there yet. [Biblical Studies] [Professional Societies] [Journals]

BUBL Christian Serials page Several little-known periodicals on the Web [Biblical Studies] [Professional Societies] [Journals]

Cambridge University Press Journals Online Full text of several titles, including Religious Studies. Local ID & password needed - see current journals box. [Biblical Studies] [Professional Societies] [Journals];jsessionid=53DC678629A9CE40A444BD8DC9F89FE3.tomcat1

Christian Scholar's Review Abstracts of articles [Biblical Studies] [Professional Societies] [Journals]

Department of Archaeology - Prof. Israel Finkelstein The Institute of Archaeology was founded in 1969 by the late Professor Y. Aharoni. Today it is a self-sufficient research facility with a large staff that provides the administrative and scientific assistance as well as the technical facilities necessary to carry out independent archaeological projects. These activities are sponsored mainly by the Sonia and Marco Nadler Fund and in part by the Friends of the Institute of Archaeology of Tel Aviv University. [Biblical Studies] [Professional Societies] [Journals]

Internet Archaeology Free access to the whole text. Not available in print. Little or no Biblical archaeology. [Biblical Studies] [Professional Societies] [Journals]

Jerusalem Perspective Many sample articles. [Biblical Studies] [Professional Societies] [Journals]

Newsletter for Targumic and Cognate Studies Net Journal, with scholarly articles, reviews, links. [Biblical Studies] [Professional Societies] [Journals]

Reinert Alumni LIbrary -- Creighton Cornerstone, Spring 2000 Electronic Resources Reach 10,000 Titles [Biblical Studies] [Professional Societies] [Journals]

Semeia: an experimental journal for biblical criticism Full text articles. They have found solutions to some of the problems of publishing multi-language texts. Society of Biblical Literature [Biblical Studies] [Professional Societies] [Journals]

TC: A Journal of Biblical Textual Criticism A web-only publicaton. Full text articles. Free. [Biblical Studies] [Professional Societies] [Journals]

Tyndale Bulletin Abstracts of articles [Biblical Studies] [Professional Societies] [Journals]

Union Seminary Quarterly Review Whole text of featured articles by leading church historians, ethicists, theologians, and other religious minds. [Biblical Studies] [Professional Societies] [Journals]

University of Alberta Faculty of Arts Web Site [Professional Societies] [Journals]

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