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January 21    Scripture

Study Tools: Fun Reference
Very useful and fun sites for quick reference.

A variety of calendars Many different calendars have been developed over the millennia to help people organize their lives. According to a recent estimate, there are about forty calendars used in the world today, particularly for determining religious dates. Most modern countries use the Gregorian calendar (see the Year) for their official activities.

A Web of On-line Dictionaries Look Up Foreign Words
This compendium of links includes many variations on the international-dictionary theme. You`ll find the Welsh Spell-Checker here, as well as the Esperanto-Russian Dictionary. Very handy. Ask an Expert
Ask any question! is the oldest & largest free Q&A service on the internet. Pick a category and click on a volunteer's name to ask a question! Thousands of volunteer experts to answer all your questions! They might not be able to explain man's inhumanity to man, but they can probably offer some wisdom about your art or literature questions.

AltaVista translation services Translate Your Correspondence
Write a letter to your far-away relatives in English, then convert it to another language with AltaVista's Babelfish translation service. Be advised: Machine translations can still yield humorously incorrect results. To make sure you get your points across, don't use too many idiomatic phrases.

Bible History Online Bible History Study
Excellent resource with a growing directory, articles and images.

Bible Jokes and Study Online Bible humor
and background information about the Bible

BibleKeeper an online Bible Study resource An interactive website that allows you to study the bible in many languages, complete with e-cards, hymn lyrics, Christian news, and many other resources!

Changedetect web page monitoring services Keep your bookmarks current
Specify exactly what content you are interested in watching - from keywords to selected text to hyperlinks.

Eric's Treasure Troves of Science Enyclopedias of math and science
Here, you will find the extensive on-line encyclopedias of math and science compiled by web encyclopedist Eric W. Weisstein.

FedStats Get Government Stats
The truth is out there. You might not be able to confirm an alien contact, but you will find here just about any bit of government statistical data that is public knowledge, from agriculture to transportation.

Free Email Reminder Service Web wake-up call
you can set to remind you of things via e-mail. You have lots of options, too, such as choosing when to be reminded (as much as two weeks before the event up to the day of) and whether you want to have your memory nudged just this once or every year. You can even leave a message to yourself, maybe with a to-do list or a selection of luscious gifts you wish to purchase. And there's no limit to the number of days you can put on the reminder list. Now if only there were another Web site to remind you to use the reminder on this Web site...

Google My favorite search engine
This is the search engine I use the most. Developing Websites and using the internet quite a bit, I've found Google to be the best and FASTEST search engine around. Answer A Trivia Question
What is the state flower of Alabama? You'll find the answer to such basic (yet puzzling) questions as this at the online version of this enduring reference. Most useful is its Fact Finder, a searching tool you get to keep at your virtual side as you browse the Web. (Oh--the answer is, of course, the camellia.) Learn to do almost anything
The folks who put together call it the "ability utility." Every week about a half dozen new illustrated how-to's are posted, the people putting this site together have a keen sense of humor and a remarkable understanding of things that we would all like to learn how to do well. Check out this site regularly, and you could be better than cool-you could be competent.

lib-web-cats Find Online Libraries.
Most library systems, whether public or academic, now have online searches available. No more driving to the library only to find that the book you want is checked out, or to get a paper cut from the card catalog. If you want to search one of more than 10,000 libraries worldwide and don't know where to start, try lib-web-cats. Enter the institution name (college, county, city) or the type (law, medical, corporate) or location to find the Web address of the right online catalog.

Lycos Search News Articles Search News Articles
"The ultimate guide to news online," and it just might be. You can search all kinds of news or pick specific types. Select the time frame you want the news to fall in-the past 6 or 24 hours, the past week, the past month, or whenever-and then tell NewsBot which person, place, or thing you`re looking for. Definitely a news junkie`s new best friend.

Mr. Smith E-Mails... Sound Off To Your Elected Officials
Mr. Smith provides all the online forms you'll need to sound off to the White House, Senate, and House of Representatives simultaneously, without boarding a bus or even licking a stamp. And when the politicians won't listen, there are also forms for selected newspapers, magazines, and TV networks.

My Reference Desk Look Up Just About Anything... Deluxe Version
It's extremely well-organized, and the dictionary section alone links you to 131 different definition-related sites.

OneLook Dictionaries Look Up A Word
OneLook is the metasearcher of the dictionary world. Type in any word, and instead of searching just a single volume OneLook will probe its huge list of specialized and general dictionaries to give you the most comprehensive group of definitions.

Pitsco`s Ask an Expert Ask an Expert connects you with hundreds of real world experts, ranging from astronauts to zookeepers. These experts have volunteered to answer your questions for free! Click on a category and "wizard" you want to deal with, and you will either pass to his or her Web site or pop open a preaddressed e-mail to that person.

RefDesk Fact Checker for the Internet Look for a Reference
Looking for a word? A place? A book, a medicine, the population of Tokyo, a phone number? A subway stop, a map, a patent, a quotation? An email address, a snail mail address? Find it here.

Research It Look Up Just About Anything
You can search through various dictionaries and thesauruses, look up acronyms and quotations (Bartlett's), translate English to French and Japanese and back again, figure out anagrams, word-search the King James Version of the Bible and the works of Shakespeare, look at maps, so on. Probably a good first stop in any search for information.

Roget's Thesaurus Embrace Obfuscation
This site probably has more entries and information than any thesaurus that might come with your word processor, and it's absolutely free. You can search or browse alphabetically or by category (the six original Roget classifications: relation, space, matter, intellect, volition, and affection) to find synonyms and related words and phrases, or just to increase your word power. Your verbal puissance, lexical potency, term ability, vocable ascendancy, etymological get the idea.

The Idea Channel Conversations are both entertaining and educational
The Idea Channel maintains a video library of conversations between the world's experts on all sorts of subjects.

The Last Word Answers to Mysteries
From the folks who publish New Scientist magazine, this site takes the mysteries of the universe and tries to answer them with the help of site users.

The National Address Server Get the Right Address
The National Address Server can't guarantee that your mail won't end up in the dead letter office, but it can help you get the address as correct as possible in the first place. Enter as much of an address as you know, and it will spit out an address with correct spelling, completed lines, and a ZIP+4 code. It will not, however, lick the stamp for you.

Timeline Maker Make your own timeline charts, quickly and easily, with Progeny's Timeline Maker software. Whether it's for school, home or play, this popular and affordable timeline software lets you quickly organize events and print stunning timeline charts on just about any subject, past, present and future. Have you ever wanted to chart a series of events over time to show what happened when or to make a plan for what has to happen in the future? If so, Progeny'sTimeline Maker is the solution for you.

TracerLock Your Web Monitor
Say you`ve got an assignment or a passion, or you`re just interested in a couple subjects that appear on the Web from time to time. It can be a pain to go through the search engines, one by one, looking for new pages regarding your favorite topic. Well, from now on you can let somebody else`s fingers do the walking. Set up a username and password with the free TracerLock service, then let it know what words or phrases you`re looking for. Every time a new Web page with those words or phrases pops up on the Net, TracerLock will e-mail you with the news.

TV Guide Look up TV listings
Click on a program title in the familiar listings grid to read the program description. At TV Guide, you can customize, too, to keep an eye on only your favorite shows, show types, viewing times, or channels (broadcast, basic cable, premium cable, and pay-per-view). Also try The GIST TVListings Guide and Ultimate TV

WebSonar eLibrary Directory Jog Your Literary Memory
Got a phrase rattling around in your head and you just can't remember in what book or play you read it? Head for WebSonar, a site so nifty it almost brings a tear to a researcher's eye. It is a humongous library of everything from classic literature to educational video transcripts. Enter a phrase, and before you can say "Hamlet, Act III, Scene I," it will find the exact source or sources of the phrase or word, set in the context of the longer quote. Yyou can set your search for gaps up to 100 words. Really amazing.

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