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February 19    Scripture

Childrens Resources: Babylon
The Babylonians

About Cuneiform Writing. . . Pictograms, or drawings representing actual things, were the basis for cuneiform writing. As shown in the chart, early pictograms resembled the objects they represented, but through repeated use over time they began to look simpler, even abstract. These marks eventually became wedge-shaped ("cuneiform"), and could convey sounds or abstract concepts.

Ancient Times - The Hanging Gardens of Babylon Short description of what the gardens must have looked like.

Hammurabi Short summary of the life of the greatest ruler in the first Babylonian dynasty.

The Babylonians Learn about ancient Babylonia

The Babylonians HTML Version of BKA 41 "The Babylonians" - Bible History Online

The Seven Wonders of the World: The Gardens of Babylon Learn about these amazing gardens that were rumored to have been built to cheer up King Nebuchadnezzar's homesick wife, Amyitis.

The UnMuseum - Hanging Gardens of Babylon Learn all about these magnificent gardens built by King Nebuchadnezzar.

Tower of Babel Gallery Brief description and drawings of the biblical ziggurat and the city of Babylon.

Ziggurats Includes a map and diagrams of the Ziggurats of Ur, Babylon, and Uruk in Mesopotamia.

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