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Ancient Civilization Maps Ancient Civilization Maps,Clip Art,Pictures and Photographs

Archaeological Sites in the different Parts of the World Click on a region to go to archaeological sites in that region. Africa | Asia | Europe| Mesoamerica | Middle East | North America | Pacific | South America

Frozen Under Discover earth's harshest land with ancient ice, marvelous animals, and majestic landscapes. Learn about the adventures of writers and photographers in the field and look at pictures and videos.

Journey through Tikal This cool site has a map of these Guatemalan ruins, panoramic photos and descriptions of treasures recovered, and a cultural history of the Mayan people. Requires QuickTime.

Maya Ruins Page This cool site includes pictures and a map of archaeological sites of the Maya.

Mount Vesuvius and Pompeii Great site for kids. Has animations of the eruption as well as some visual vrml effects, check out House of the Faun.

PBS: Secrets of the Pharaohs Dig deeper into the world of the pharaohs, which ranged from about 3500 BC to 100 AD. Check out a timeline, explore King Tut's Tomb, or review some historical maps.

Public Broadcasting Service Learn about new discoveries in the Ancient World.

Real Story of the Ancient Olympic Games Learn about the original games in Olympia and find out what has, and has not, changed over time. See a model of the Sanctuary of Zeus and a map of ancient Greece too!

Seven Wonders of the Ancient World The ancient Greeks loved to compile lists of the marvellous structures in their world. Though we think of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World as a single list today, there were actually a number of lists compiled by different Greek writers. Antipater of Sidon, and Philon of Byzantium, drew up two of the most well-known lists. Many of the lists agreed on six of the seven items. The final place on some lists was awarded to the Walls of the City of Babylon. On others, the Palace of Cyrus, king of Persia took the seventh position. Finally, toward the 6th century A.D., the final item became the Lighthouse at Alexandria. Since the it was Greeks who made the lists it is not unusual that many of the items on them were examples of Greek culture. The writers might have listed the Great Wall of China if then had known about it, or Stonehenge if they'd seen it, but these places were beyond the limits of their world. It is a surprise to most people to learn that not all the Seven Wonders existed at the same time. Even if you lived in ancient times you would have still needed a time machine to see all seven. While the Great Pyramids of Egypt was built centuries before the rest and is still around today (it is the only "wonder" still intact) most of the others only survived a few hundred years or less. The Colossus of Rhodes stood only a little more than half a century before an earthquake toppled it.

Sinai Explore this historic desert land that is Egypt's border with Israel. Learn why it is holy for many, meet the bedouins, tour its national parks, see a map, and try the activities.

The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World Provides a list of ancient wonders set during the middle ages and a geographical map, as well as links to modern and natural wonders.

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