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February 19    Scripture

Childrens Resources: Near East

Ancient Greece: The Persian Wars Learn a bit about the wars and how they affected Ancient Greece.

Anthropology On-Line Exhibits Check out several different exhibits on various topics including the history of eating utensils, ceramics of the Persian Empire, and more.

Assyrian Page: Hammurabi's Code of Laws You be the judge. About the Code Two hundred eighty-two laws, concerning a wide variety of abuses, justify Hammurabi's claim of having acted "like a real father to his people . . . [who] has established prosperity . . . and (gave) good government to the land."

Babylonia HTML Version of BKA 41 "The Babylonians" - Bible History Online

Ceramics of the Persian Empire Explore this online collection and learn the history of this art form in Persia.

Cyrus Kouros Kourosh Come meet the man that founded the Persian Empire.

HWC, The Persian Wars Step by step info about the Persian Wars against Ancient Greece and the Persian Empire.

Mesopotamia Glossary: Cuneiform Locate ancient civilizations from Central and South America, Europe, Egypt, the Orient, and China on a map and learn a little bit about each one.

Mesopotamia: Lectures Outlines of facts about geography, Sumerian civilization, Hebrew civilization, the Persian empire, Hittites, Phoenicians, Assyrians, and Chaldeans.

Persian Gulf War Read a student's report on this conflict between the new world order and Iraq and Kuwait.

The Babylonians Learn about ancient Babylonia

The Battle of Marathon Check out this detailed text article about this battle of the Persian Wars.

The Persians, Timeline and Information Take a look at this timeline covering the events of the empire from its rise to eventual defeat by Alexander the Great.

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