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February 19    Scripture

Childrens Resources: Greece

Ancient Greece: The Persian Wars Learn a bit about the wars and how they affected Ancient Greece.

Embassy of Greece A current look at this country rich in history.

Greece 4 Kids Check out this great guide to Greece written by an 8-year-old girl who's spent a lot of time there. You can read about the food, see what there is to do there, or look at lots of neat pictures.

Greece Facts Get information on the people, geography, government, economy, and much more from the CIA World Factbook.

Greece: Overview A deep respect for tradition, a deep love of good times. Having exported chaos, drama, tragedy and democracy before most nations were staying up late enough to want souvlaki, Greece boasts an unrivalled legacy. But don't expect a visit there to be a sober study of the ancient world - the Greek propensity for partying dates back to Dionysos. From sometimes smoggy Athens to blindingly bright islands, ancient fragments abound - the navel of the cosmos at Delphi, fallen columns galore on the sacred island of Delos, frescoed Minoan palaces on Crete and even - as some might believe - the remnants of Atlantis at Santorini.

Greeka Virtual Tour of Greece Greece Virtual Tour: A guide to areas of Greece with 360 pictures. Cyclades - Amorgos Virtual Tour - Antiparos Virtual Tour - Folegandros Virtual Tour - Ios - Kea - Koufonisia - Milos - Mykonos - Naxos - Paros - Santorini - Serifos Sporades - Alonissos Virtual Tour - Skiathos Virtual Tour Crete - Chania Virtual Tour - Heraklion Virtual Tour - Rethymno Virtual Tour Ionian - Corfu Virtual Tour - Kefalonia Virtual Tour - Lefkada Virtual Tour - Paxi - Zakynthos Eastern Aegean - Chios - Lesvos - Samos Saronic - Aegina Virtual Tour - Hydra Virtual Tour - Poros Virtual Tour - Spetses Virtual Tour Dodecanese - Kos - Nisyros - Rhodes Mailand Areas - Athens Virtual Tour - Epidaurus Virtual Tour - Gythio Virtual Tour - Meteora Virtual Tour - Nafplion Virtual Tour - Parga - Pelion - Nafpaktos - Zagoria

Hercules: Greece's Greatest Hero Read the original myths and legends of Hercules.

Map of Ancient Greece Compare how the Greeks mapped their civilization with how it really looked.

Public Broadcasting Service Learn about new discoveries in the Ancient World.

The Glory that Was Greece: History and Culture in Ancient At History and Culture in Ancient Athens. An online resource for students, by Leigh T. Denault. Includes: DRAMA: Aeschylus, Sophocles, and Euripides HISTORY: The Golden Age of Athens MYTHOLOGY: Greek Gods and Heroes PHILOSOPHY: Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle LINKS: Online Resources for Ancient Greece BIBLIOGRAPHY: Sources for Further Study

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