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World History: Timelines & Charts

A Roman History Timeline to Constantine Detailed timelines inside with emperor events. VRoma Project

A Study of Ancient Egypt,Greece and Rome w/ Timeline Ancient History Map Timeline Egypt Greece Rome Authors Thinkquest. Greece.The History of Ancient Greece. Timeframe, Map of Greece, Sources Used.

Adventures in Philosophy The following timeline was created and designed by Dr. Jonathan ... The Beginning of Western Philosophy in Ancient Greece. 600 BCE, Heraclitus of Ephesus (540-460)...

Amazing Bible World History Timeline The Amazing Bible World History Timeline (picture of Timeline loading below) Easily Compare 6000 Years of Bible History and Prophecies To World History.

Ancient Civilizations Chart Akkadian, Egyptian, Greek, Sumerian, Roman and more. (3200 B.C. - 300 A.D.)

Ancient Israel This site on Israel starts with the Hebrews as Pastoral Nomads in 1950 BC and moves throught time to 70 AD with Herod's Temple being destroyed.

Ancient Roman History Timeline Provides a chronological index of the history of Ancient Rome with extensive links to internet resources. Emphasis is placed upon the use of primary source material and new perspectives upon the roles of women in ancient time.

Bible History Timeline A list of some historical events that are important to the study of the Bible and its prophecies. This timeline was updated in July 2000. The research for this timeline was done by George and Raymond Konig. Many dates and years of various ancient events are taken from the Concordia Self-Study Bible NIV.

Byzantium Through The Ages Byzantium Through The Ages A Timeline: ... Mid-tenth century, The Byzantine church of Hosios Loukas (Holy Luke) is founded in Stiris, Greece.

Chronology: Greece Chronology: Greece ... 546 BCE: Greece - The first of the Athenian tyrants, Peisistratus, replaces Solon as ruler.

Chronology: Rome 2000-1000 BC: Rome - 568 CE: Rome. Exploring Ancient World Cultures. University of Evansville.

Chronos 2000: Windows in Time Chronos 2000: Bible Timeline. A special version of CHRONOS, this program covers the period -2000 BCE through the first centuries of the Christian Church.

Greece in the Bronze Age Greek Civ 202 GREECE IN THE BRONZE AGE. On-site study of Minoan and Mycenean cultures,with travel to sites such as Agamemnon's citadel at Myceanae and Minos's. Greece in the Bronze Age The Rise of Palaces The Palace System The Palace of Nestor at Pylos The Texts from Pylos The Citadel at Tiryns Mycenae, Rich in Gold

Historical Timeline of Israel This site starts with 17th Century BCE the Covenant with Abraham and wraps it up with 1998 the State of Israel's 50th Year Anniversary.

Interactive Bible / Church History Timeline Interactive Bible / Church History Timeline. Bible History Chart for screens 1024 x 768 800 x 600 640 x 480.

Israel Timeline This time line contains the dates 17th c. BC to 2007. It contains many photos.

Mesopotamian Timeline 1993 5000 BC. ... 490-489 BC. Darius I invades Greece on a punitive expedition against Athens; known in Greek history as Persian Wars. 480-479 BC.

Modern Timeline Modern Timeline for Qumran,Israel and Jordan. See also the Ancient Timeline.

Roman Timeframe 800-700 BC Italy inhabited by Hellenic and Etruscan people. The land is undeveloped. - 1453 AD Eastern Rome dissolves.

The Chronological Order of the Roman Empire Time Line of Roman History S.P.Q.R. (The Senate and People of Rome.) With references to current day sites and buildings. 753 bc - Legendary foundation of Rome by Romulus, a descendent of the mythical Trojan hero, 1870 ad - Rome becomes the Capital of United Italy and is developed into a modern city.

The Greeks Crucible of Civilization Timeline of Ancient Greek Civilization. ... From early settlers of Greece up to the beginning of Roman Rule. View the major events of Greek Civilization.

The Roman Empire 27 BC- AD 312 Timeline of the Founding of the Empire: 27 BC to AD 17 through 378 AD the Battle of Adrianople. Primary Sources Augustus: Deeds of the Divine Augustus Tacitus: Annals Virgil: Aeneid Ptolemy: The Solar System Strabo: Geography Acts of the Scillitan Martyrs Augustine: From: The City of God Epictetus: The Discourses Jerome: Letter to a Soldier Julian the Apostate: Letter to Arsacius

Time Line of Greek History and Literature Middle Bronze Age (2000-1700 BC). Large-scale invasions of Greek-speaking patriarchal peoples into mainland Greece.

Time-Line for the History of Judaism Timeline of Israel from c. 2000-1500 BC Abraham and the Patriarchs ... to 2003 AD The Union of American Hebrew Congregations changes its name to the Union for Reform Judaism.

Timeline of Aegean Political History Timeline of Aegean Political History. The Bronze Age. 3,000 BC to 1100 BC. 2,000 - 1,700 BC Mycenean enter mainland Greece.

Timeline of Ancient Greece TIMELINE OF ANCIENT GREECE from the Mesolithic Period to the death of Cleopatra.

Timeline of Israel 17th century The Patriarchs: Abraham, Isaac, Jacob - patriarchs of the Jewish people and bearers of a belief in one God - settle in the Land of July 2006 Hezbollah war in Lebanon, massive rocket attacks on Israeli civilians in Northern Israel

Timeline of Israel's History Above is a timeline of Israel's history, from the fall of Jerusalem (586)until the time of the Maccabean revolt.

Timeline of The Roman Empire Timeline poster of the Roman Empire. View all emperors from Augustus to The fall of the Roman Empire. Offers a full color, laminated wall poster." Parthenon graphics.

Timlines of Ancient History Anthony Michael Love [People in History]

World History: HyperHistory Over 2000 Files Covering 3000 years of World History. HyperHistory is an expanding scientific project presenting 3,000 years of world history with an interactive combination of synchronoptic lifelines, timelines, and maps.

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