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February 19    Scripture

Languages: Linguistics

Fields of Linguistics [Linguistics]] [Languages]

Fields of Linguistics Written to explain the discipline to the general public.[Linguistics]] [Languages]

Glossary of Linguistics Terms [Linguistics] [Glossary]

Greek Language and Linguistics Focus on Ancient Greek Language and Linguistics For the study of Ancient Greek, you have come to the right place. From dictionaries to grammatical aids, you can find it here, where the Greek language and the field of Linguistics meet. [Online Text Archives] [Study Tools] [Collections]

Historical Linguistics There are over 5,000 distinct human languages in the world. One very basic question is how did they all get there? Historical linguistics is the branch of linguistics that focuses on the interconnections between different languages in the world and/or their historical development. Historical linguists investigate how languages evolve and change through time. [Linguistics]

Language & Language Family Information The LINGUIST List [Linguistics]

Languages and Linguistics This area holds works on language, linguistic theory and structural linguistics. [Linguistics]

Lexicon of Linguistics Searchable. Editors: Jan Don, Johan Kerstens, Eddy Ruys. Utrecht institute of Linguistics, OTS. Utrecht University [Lexicon] [Linguistics]

Linguistic glossary (SIL site) [Glossary] [Linguistics]

Linguistic Phenomena/Devices. [Linguistics]

Linguistics & Archaeology. [Linguistics]

LSA Fields of Linguistics - Language Variations Language Variation and Change by Sarah G. Thomason of the University of Pittsburgh. [Linguistics]

Nova: In Search of the First Language. [Linguistics]

Numbers from 1 to 10 in Over 4500 Languages Mark Rosenfelder [Linguistics]

The Computational Phylogenetics in Historical Linguistics Historical Linguistics, graph theory, Indo-European, perfect phylogeny, parsimony, compatability [Linguistics]

The Human Languages Page (Dictionaries) Mega dictionaries. [Linguistics] [Languages]

The Human Languages Page (Directories) Info and resources on many languages. [Linguistics] [Languages]

The Human Languages Page (Language Lessons) Mega resources. [Linguistics] [Languages]

The Human Languages Page (Linguistics Resources) Info and resources on many languages. [Linguistics] [Languages]

The Human Languages Page (Organizations) Resources. [Linguistics] [Languages]

The Human Languages Page (Schools and Institutions) Info and resources. [Linguistics] [Languages]

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