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February 19    Scripture

Intertestamental: Maps
Important Maps during the period between the Testaments.

Alexander the Great's Conquest

Alexander's Empire 310 BC Hellenistic World After the Breakup of Alexander's Empire 310 BC

Antiochus VI Coin

Bible Map of Land of Israel Under the Maccabees

Break-up of Alexander's Empire Map

Hellenistic World After the Death of Antigonus 300 B.C.

Hellenistic World c 307-301 BC Map showing the general state of the Hellenistic World towards the end of the Fourth Diadoch War (307-301BC). Exactly how much control Seleucus had over the eastern parts of his empire, or Antigonus over parts of Asia Minor is not clear. Control of the Greek cities of Asia Minor is not indicated.

Hellenistic World, 315-311 BC Map showing the general state of the Hellenistic World during the Third Diadoch War. The war began after Seleucus was expelled from Babylon by Antigonus - how much control either of then had over the eastern satrapies is uncertain. Control of the Greek cities of Asia Minor is not indicated.

Herod the Great's Kingdom Map 4BC - Herod the Great's Kingdon Divided Among His Sons in 4BC

Israel Under Herod the Great 31-4 BC

Judea Province in the First Century

Large Map of the Empire of Alexander the Great 334-323 BC

Maccabean Kingdom of Judea MAP " Maccabean Kingdom of Judea (Israel) in the time of Jannaeus

Map Hasmonean Kingdom Wikimedia Commons

Map of Alexander the Great - Decisive Battles (Bible History Online)

Map of Alexander the Great's Empire

Map of Herod's Jerusalem "Whoever has not seen Jerusalem in its splendor has never seen a fine city."" Babylonian Talmud (Succah, 51b)

Map of Kingdom of Alexander Jannaeus

Map of the Donations of Alexandria - 34 B.C. (Bible History Online) This map reveals the Roman provinces belonging to Marc Antony, Italy and the Roman provinces belonging to Octavian, the territories belonging to Cleopatra's children, and the boundary between Antony and Octavian.

Map of Tyre 333-332 BC

Maps of Prophecy - Greek Empire Map The bronze empire, that was also described as a leopard with four wings. It ruled from 331 BC to 168 BC under the leadership of Alexander the Great. He defeated Darius III of Persia.

Maps of Prophecy - The Divisions of the Greek Empire The Greek Empire lasted from 331 BC to 168 BC. The kingdom was divided among his generals, the diadochi. But they fought among themselves for the kingdom...

Master: Where is the Hasmonean Palace?

Palestine during the Maccabean Period Map

Second Triumphurate Roman Empire 40 BC Roman Empire During the Peace of the Second Triumphurate of Marcus Antonius, Octavian and Lepidus 40 B.C.

Seleucia, Seleukos II - Ancient Greek Coins

Seleucid Empire 185 BC

Seleucid Empire 200 BC

Seleucid Empire 240 BC

Seleucid Empire 323 - 60 BC

Seleucid Kingdoms around 200 BC - from Shepherd's Historical Atlas (1929)

Seleucid Kingdoms, around 310 BC - from Shepherd's Historical Atlas

Seleucids under Antiochus III (193 BCE) The Kingdom of the Seleucids under Antiochus III (193 BCE)

The Hasmonean Kingdon - The Maccabees - 100 BCE

The Hellenistic World Major & Minor States in 90 BCE

The Macedonian Empire 336-323 BC

The Seleucid Empire (circa 198 BCE)

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