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January 22    Scripture

Bible History: Maps & Geography

Africa, 2500 to 1500 BC

Africa, to A.D. 500 (Map)

Alexander in the East (Map)

Ancient Egypt - Nubia History Oriental Institute, University of Chicago. This first installment of the Oriental Institute Map Series presents seven Site Maps covering the ancient Near East (Egypt, Sudan, The Levant, Syria, Turkey, Iraq, and Iran), locating primary archaeological sites, modern cities, and river courses set against a plain background. They enlarge to 300 dpi.

Ancient Iran Site Map Oriental Institute, University of Chicago. This first installment of the Oriental Institute Map Series presents seven Site Maps covering the ancient Near East (Egypt, Sudan, The Levant, Syria, Turkey, Iraq, and Iran), locating primary archaeological sites, modern cities, and river courses set against a plain background. They enlarge to 300 dpi.

Bible Maps Bible Maps - The Interactive Bible (Black and White High Res)

China, 256 to 200 BC China's Warring States 245 to 235 BC

China, Korea and Japan (Map)

Cities in the Time of Joshua Map provided by Christian Resource Institute.

Dr. K. C. Hanson's Photo Galleries Map of the Ancient Near East from Dr. K. C. Hanson's home page.

Europe Map of Europe

Greece (Map)

Han China, circa 100 BC (Map)

India to 500 BC Map of Ancient India

Israel to Judah 733 BC Map of Ancient Israel

Italy and Sicily (Map)

Judaea, Galilee, Idumaea (Map)

Lands of the Bible in Modern Times a modern map of Biblical lands. [Biblical Maps]

Map of Achaia Region of Greece on the north coast of the Peloponnesus. Paul spent much time there and expressed his love toward the churches in Achaia.

Map of Adriatic Sea Paul journeyed on this sea on his way to Rome and was shipwrecked on the island of Malta (Acts 27:27)

Map of Amorite Settlements The Amorites dwelt in various locations within Israel during the 18th-17th centuries B.C.

Map of Ancient Aram Aram Damascus was the most important of the Aramean kingdoms in the 9th-8th centuries B.C.

Map of Ancient Jerusalem Ancient Jerusalem: From the University of Texas Map Collection (not copyrighted) note: Solomon's time.

Map of Ancient Nubia

Map of Asia In New Testament times Asia referred to a Roman province located at the western part of what came to be known as Asia Minor.

Map of Canaan - Tribal Portions

Map of Jerusalem New Testament

Map of Lower Galilee

Map of Near Eastern Sites Oriental Institute, University of Chicago. Oriental Institute expeditions have worked in virtually every region of the Near East, excavating the remains of these ancient cultures and studying and recording their monuments. The scattering of red dots (each representing a site where the Institute has worked) on the map attests to the broad range of that involvement.

Map of Palestine's Judea

Map of Palestine's Northern Coastal Plain

Map of Palestine`s Bodies of Water

Map of Palestine`s Natural Divisions

Map of Palestine`s Physical Features

Map of Palestine`s Samaria

Map of Palestine`s Southern Coastal Plain

Map of Pharaonic Egypt

Map of Philistine and the Valley of Sorek

Map of Philistine Cities and Areas of Expansion

Map of Samuel`s Circuit

Map of Sinai Peninsula

Map of Sites in Southern Syria and Palestine Oriental Institute, University of Chicago. ORIENTAL INSTITUTE MAP SERIES - LEVANT SITE MAP. This Map enlarges to 300 dpi for a great picture.

Map of the Amalekites Territory Throughout Biblical history the Amalekites were enemies of the Israelites. They were the first adversaries that the Israelites encountered after crossing the Red Sea. According to archaeology the Amalekites disappeared from history after the northern kingdom of Judah conquered the Negeb territory in the 10th century B.C.

Map of the Ammonites Territory The Ammonites (sons of Ammon) according to the Bible originated because of an incestuous relationship between Lot (Abraham's nephew) and his younger daughter (Gen 19:38). Archaeology reveals that the Ammonites dwelt east of the Jordan River and settled there at the beginning of the 13th century B.C.

Map of the Ancient Near East

Map of the Northern Negev

Map of the Territory of Ancient Palestine

Map of the Territory of Asher This territory contained some of the richest soil in all of the country. Asher did not succeed in driving out the Canaanite inhabitants.

Map of the Territory of Benjamin

Map of Trade Routes and Empires Map of Trade Routes and great empires of the 1st Century AD.

Map of Upper Galilee

Maps of the Roman World in the First Century C.E. [Century One Foundation Bookstore]

Maps of the Tel Rhov Dig The 1997-1998 Excavations at Tel Rehov: Preliminary Report [Israel Exploration Journal 49 (1999), 1-42]Amihai Mazar, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Institute of Archaeology, Mount Scopus, Jerusalem 91904, Israel With the participation of Dan Browning, John Camp, M. Caplan, SeJin Koh, Robert Mullins, Nava Panitz-Cohen, Yoav Shor, Amir Sumakai-Fink, Dalit Weinblatt and Adi Ziv-Esudri [Maps] [Israel] [Archaeology]

Mesopotamia to 2500 BC [Ancient Map]

Modern Map of Israel Interactive Map. Nicely laid out for easy online viewing.

Mount Ararat Comparison Mount Ararat is where Noah's Ark came to rest (Gen 8:4). This illustration reveals Mount Ararat (16,873 feet above sea level) in comparison to other mountains mentioned in the Bible.

Oceania (Map)

Oriental Institute, University of Chicago The directory contains a TABLE OF CONTENTS (Website Query/Search), ABZU (Index to Ancient Near Eastern Resources on the Internet), THE MUSEUM, MUSEUM EDUCATION, & STORE (SUQ), ELECTRONIC, RESOURCES, RESEARCH & PROJECTS, DEPARTMENTS, and PUBLICATIONS.

Palestine in New Testament Times Map

Sargon's Empire [Ancient Map]

Shang Civilization, 1200 BC

Simple Topographical Map of Israel [Maps] [Israel]

The Aegean Region, to 300 BC

The Division of Herod's Kingdom Map Herod's_Kingdom.jpg

The Empire of Asoka (Map)

The Empire of Cyrus II [Ancient Map]

The Gupta Empire (Map)

The Roman Empire, A.D. 12 (Map)

The Roman Empire, A.D. 150 (Map)

The Roman Empire, A.D. 500 (Map)

The Sassanid Empire (Map)

The Valley of Jezreel and Plain of Esdralon Map provided from Christian Resource Institute. "There was so much bloodshed in these plains that both Jezreel and Megiddo became synonymns for violence and bloodshed, and could even become symbols for the judgement of God (Hos 1:4-5). The Mountain of Megiddo, in Hebrew har megiddo anglicized into Armageddon, became the ultimate symbol for warfare and conflict." The name Jezreel, which means "God sows."

Topographical Maps of Sites in Palestine Topographical Maps of Israel. Inscriptions of the Land of Israel: Browse by Maps. This map goes into great detail with AUTOCAD renderings of the site, with links to inscriptions and pictures.

West Asia to 1200 BC

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