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March 20    Scripture

Bible History: Bible Translation

About Those Literal Translations by Kenneth W. Collins. [Translations] [Bible History]

Bible Translations Acommon questions that is often asked is which translation should I use there are so many of them. First it must be acknowledged that not all translations are of the same quality and theological level. Those who need to use modern translations of the Bible the most are those who don't know Greek and Hebrew and therefore are not able to pass judgment on technical questions of the text. Unfortunately those who need them most are the least able to evaluate them critically. Electronic Christian Media

BUBL Bible links Translations unavailable elsewhere, e.g. Scandanavian ones. [Online Text Archives] [Study Tools] [Collections]

Discussion of the Septuagint Some questions asked to Glenn Miller [Old Testament Studies] [Answers & Evidence] [Bible History]

How to Select a Bibleā€”and Read It by Kenneth W. Collins. [Translations] [Bible History]

New Testament Scholarship by Kenneth W. Collins. [Translations] [Bible History]

The Apocrypha and the Old Testament by Kenneth W. Collins. [Translations] [Bible History]

The Art and Agony of Translation by Kenneth W. Collins. [Translations] [Bible History]

The Conspiracy Behind the New Bible Translations Biblical Studies Foundation, Daniel B. Wallace, Ph.D. [New Testament Canon]

The Nicene Creed and the New Testament Canon by Kenneth W. Collins. [Translations] [Bible History]

The Torah in Modern Scholarship by Kenneth W. Collins. [Translations] [Bible History]

Translation glossary Bible Translations. [Glossaries] [Bible History]

Translations of the Bible Into English by Kenneth W. Collins. [Translations] [Bible History]

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