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(meaning unknown)-- a city of Samaria mentioned in connection with Jesus' visit to Jacob's Well (Jn 4:5).

The fame of Sychar is associated with Jesus' conversation with the woman who came there to draw water, her conversion, and the conversion of many of the Samaritans during His two days in the area.

Many scholars identify Sychar with ancient Shechem (Gen 33:18). Jacob's Well, one of the best attested sites in Palestine, is situated on the eastern edge of the valley which separates Mount Gerizim from Mount Ebal.

It is now commonly located at the site of the village of 'Askar, on the eastern slope of Ebal, almost two miles ENE from Nablus, about a half mile N of Jacob' s well, and a short distance SE of Shechem.

Shechem is first mentioned in connection with Abraham's journey into the land of Canaan. When Abraham eventually came to Shechem, the Lord appeared to him and announced that this was the land He would give to Abraham's descendants (Gen 12:6). This fulfilled God's promise to Abraham at the time of his call (Gen 12:1-3).

In response, Abraham built his first altar to the Lord in Canaan at Shechem (Gen 12:7). Because of this incident, Shechem is an important place in the religious history of the Hebrew people.