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Roman Soldier

jesus00000042.gifRoman Soldier. The DRESS of a soldier consisted of (1) tunica militaris, a woollen shirt with short sleeves, (2) a sagum, sagulum, a woollen cloak reaching down to the knees and fastened on the shoulder with a clasp, (3) a cingulum militare, a belt. His EQUIPMENT included (4) an infantry helmet, and (5) a scutum, an oblong shield made of wood, covered with leather and metal, and carried on the left arm. In addition a soldier of the legion wore a harness of metal plates on his chest. His WEAPONS were: the gladius (the short, straight, two-edged sword with which he would thrust rather than slash), and this he carried on a belt either from the shoulder or round the waist; the javelin "pilum" (six foot long spear, with a pointed spearhead of flexible metal).