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Lake of Gennesaret

The harp-shaped Sea of Galilee (13 miles long and 8 miles across) was about 700 feet below sea level and surrounded by small brown hills. It was also notorious for its sudden storms because it was surrounded by storms. The Sea of Galilee maintained a large fishing industry and was encircled by fairly large cities such as Capernaum, Chorazin, and Tiberias (Herod Antipas made this his capital which was on the southern shore). There is no record of Jesus ever visiting Tiberias. Bethsaida which means "fishing house" was at the eastern shore and near there was the "desert place" where Jesus fed the multitude.

Mount Hermon (9,100 feet) began just 20 miles to the north and Nazareth (Jesus' home town which was quite large) was just 12 miles to the west on a sharp slope high in the hill country. The hills of Nazareth looked down upon the great trade-routes where travelers and caravans coming from all over the world could be seen often. The northern hilltops gave a beautiful view of the whole region.