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- The animal displays were merely used to wet the audience's appetite for the main attraction-the gladiatorial bouts.

- Roman gladiators were specially trained performers, mostly captured war prisoners, who fought to stay alive a little longer.

- The gladiators specialized in peculiar forms of fighting:

  1. the "retiarus" armed with a net, dagger, and a trident (three pronged pitch fork) usually fought the:

  2. the "secutor" who was armed only with sword and shield and a helmet on his head.

  3. The helmeted figure in the picture was called a "samnis." He wore a sleeve of leather or metal with a shoulder piece on the right arm, a belt, greaves on the legs, a vizored helmet with crest, and carried a shield and short sword.

- For the most part, these games aroused brutal passions and blood lust in the Roman people and created a class of lazy loungers who did nothing but attend games.