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Sur. The Greeks called it "Tyros" and the ancient Assyrians called it "Zara." . Tyre was an ancient Phoenician city on an island close to the coast. Its wealth depended on trade. There was almost no place in the known world which Tyre did not have relations with. Taken by the Babylonians in 573 BC and by Alexander in 332 BC, who joined it to its mainland by building a man-made bridge, in fulfillment of prophecy. The rise of Alexandria is really the main cause of the decline of Tyre. It was under the yoke of the ptolemies in 273 BC and the freed by the Seleucids in 198 BC. Pompey proclaimed its autonomy in 126 BC after he conquered the city. It became again an important commercial city throughout the Roman period. Jesus visited Tyre (Mk 7:2 ff.). When Paul was journeying to Jerusalem he passed through Tyre where he there was already established a Christian community in the city (Acts 21:3-7). There was an early Roman catholic bishopric established there.

Map of Ancient Israel

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