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(Magadan, Dalmanutha): Mejdel. This small city on the western shore of the Sea of Galilee was about 3 miles N of Tiberias. Taricheae was a Greek name of the place called in Hebrew Migdal (Magdala), from 'taricheuein' to smoke or preserve fish "pickling places." Strabo mentions that this place has excellent pickling places. The pickled fish of Galilee were known throughout the Roman and Greek world. Large quantities were taken up to Jerusalem at the season of the yearly feasts, because of the great multitudes. Barrels were also transported around the Mediterranean. Josephus also describes Tarichae as a place "full of materials for shipbuilding, and with many artisans" (iii Wars, 10:6).

It was the birthplace of Mary Magdalene (Matt 27:56, 61). Jesus most likely visited here (Mk 8:10) "Dalmanutha"

Recent excavations have uncovered remains of the Roman city and a small Galilean style synagogue.

See Dalmanutha and Magdala

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