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Mountains (In alphabetical order)

Mt. Abarim - The name literally means "the mountains across or beyond Jordan."

Mt. Ararat - The mountain or mountains where Noah's ark came to rest.

Mt. Bashan - The name denotes soft rich soil, and the territory was famous for its oaks and wild cattle.

Mt. Carmel - The scene of Elijah's sacrifice. The mountain is not to be confused with the town of Carmel, mentioned in I. Sam. xxv, 2ff.

Mt. Ebal - A sacred mountain from the earliest of times, where the stones inscribed with the Law were deposited.

Mt. Gerizim - Sacred from early times, this mountain is still the scene where the Samaritans hold the passover.

Mt. Gilboa - The scene of Saul and Jonathan's death (exact location is under speculation)

Mt. Gilead - A mountainous region east of Jordan. It was the scene of the covenant between Laban and Jacob.

Mt. Hermon - A high mountain north of the Sea of Galilee, which very well could have been the scene of the Transfiguration.

Mt. Hor - The mountain where Aaron died. (exact location is under speculation)

Mt. Horeb - Most likely synonymous with Sinai. It was the scene of the burning bush, of the giving of the Law, and of Elijah's vision.

Mt. Lebanon - The central mountains of Syria, and famous as the source of timber for Solomon's Temple.

Mt. Moriah - The site of Abraham's intended sacrifice, and the mountain on which the Temple of Jerusalem was built. The Islamic Mosque of Omar resides on the site today.

Mt. Nebo - Range of hills forming the western edge of the Moabite plateau above the Jordan.

Mt. Olivet - The Mount of Olives; the scene of David's flight from Absalom; of Jesus' weeping over Jerusalem; and of His Ascension.

Mt. Pisgah - The headland of the Nebo range from which Moses saw the Promised Land.

Mt. Seir - The land of Esau; a mountain range identified with Edom

Mt. Sinai - The mountain where the Israelites encamped for nearly a year, and where the Law was given to Moses.

Mt. Tabor - The site of Barak's camp, some identify this mountain as the scene of the Transfiguration of Jesus.

Mt. Zion - The eastern hill of Jerusalem. It was the stronghold of the Jebusites, attacked by joab, and became the site of David's palace and the Temple.

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Map of Ancient Israel

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