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(Nicopolis): Imwas. I Macc. 3:40. Emmaus was a well-known city of Hellenistic and Roman times, in Heb. `Hamta' and `Ammaus': headquarters of a toparchy. Some scholars identify with Emmaus of Luke 24:13 (where one important MS reads '160 stadia').

Emmaus "hot baths" was a town 7 1/2 miles from Jerusalem, and was the scene of Christ's revelation of Himself after His resurrection (Luke 24:13). Its real site is disputed, however. A number of places are held, by tradition and otherwise, to be the original site of Emmaus. Among them are Amwas or Imwas (about 20 miles from Jerusalem) and Kolonieh (about 3 miles from Jerusalem) and El-Qubeibeh, on the road to Joppa, (about the 7 miles from Jerusalem). Materials recovered there date to the NT period.

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