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Ras el-Kharrubeh. Anata. Anathoth was a town in the tribe of Benjamin belonging to the priests, also a city of refuge (Josh 21:18; Jer 1:1). It is chiefly mentioned as the birthplace of the prophet Jeremiah, and also his home (Jer 1:1; 11:21-23; 29:27).

It was a walled town of some strength, seated on a broad ridge of hills and overlooking the valley of the Jordan and the northern part of the Dead Sea. It was 3 miles NE of Jerusalem.

Modern research identifies the present Anata with Anathoth, 3 miles distance from Jerusalem, containing about 100 inhabitants. See 2 Sam 23:27; 1 Chron 12:3; Ezra 2:23; Neh 7:27.

City of Benjamin, Levitical city, Josh. 21. 18; home of Jeremiah, Jer. 1. 1; Neh. 7. 27

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