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        The trust of the hypocrite is compared to the spider's web or
        house (Job 8:14). It is said of the wicked by Isaiah that they
        "weave the spider's web" (59:5), i.e., their works and designs
        are, like the spider's web, vain and useless. The Hebrew word
        here used is "'akkabish", "a swift weaver."
        In Prov. 30:28 a different Hebrew word (semamith) is used. It
        is rendered in the Vulgate by stellio, and in the Revised
        Version by "lizard." It may, however, represent the spider, of
        which there are, it is said, about seven hundred species in
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Easton, Matthew George. M.A., D.D., "Biblical Meaning for 'Spider' Eastons Bible Dictionary". - Eastons; 1897.

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