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        (Heb. heleb) denotes the richest part of the animal, or the
        fattest of the flock, in the account of Abel's sacrifice (Gen.
        4:4). It sometimes denotes the best of any production (Gen.
        45:18; Num. 18:12; Ps. 81:16; 147:47). The fat of sacrifices was
        to be burned (Lev. 3:9-11; 4:8; 7:3; 8:25; Num. 18:17. Compare Ex.
        29:13-22; Lev. 3:3-5).
        It is used figuratively for a dull, stupid state of mind (Ps
        In Joel 2:24 the word is equivalent to "vat," a vessel. The
        hebrew word here thus rendered is elsewhere rendered "wine-fat"
        and "press-fat" (Hag. 2:16; Isa. 63:2).
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Easton, Matthew George. M.A., D.D., "Biblical Meaning for 'Fat' Eastons Bible Dictionary". - Eastons; 1897.

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