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Congregation, mount of the
        (Isa. 14:13), has been supposed to refer to the place where God
        promised to meet with his people (Ex. 25:22; 29:42, 43) i.e.,
        the mount of the Divine presence, Mount Zion. But here the king
        of Babylon must be taken as expressing himself according to his
        own heathen notions, and not according to those of the Jews. The
        "mount of the congregation" will therefore in this case mean the
        northern mountain, supposed by the Babylonians to be the
        meeting-place of their gods. In the Babylonian inscriptions
        mention is made of a mountain which is described as "the mighty
        mountain of Bel, whose head rivals heaven, whose root is the
        holy deep." This mountain was regarded in their mythology as the
        place where the gods had their seat.
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Easton, Matthew George. M.A., D.D., "Biblical Meaning for 'Congregation, mount of the' Eastons Bible Dictionary". - Eastons; 1897.

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