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Archaeological Discoveries and the Bible Archaeological Discoveries and the Bible.                    
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New Heart Messages: Messianic Prophecy, God's Calendar, Pontius Pilate, Tax Collectors, The High Priesthood, The Pharisees, The Purpose of the Law, The New Testament, The Emperor Nero, Herod the Great, Herod's Temple, The Mighty Assyria, Jerusalem

The Prophecy of Israel Video

The Babylonians. Learn about ancient Babylon.
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The Tabernacle of Ancient Israel. HTML version of BKA 14.
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A Harmony of the Life of Jesus. Four gospel accounts in harmony.
Images From The Past Coins, statues, busts, places and more
MegoSearch. I developed this to find information fast.
Reconstructions. Sketches of the Ancient World.
Bible Maps. Printable Bible Maps (More to Come).
Take the Bible History Quiz. Section 1 - The life of Jesus.
Slide Show (64k) Small slide show (Requires IE4).
Cleopatra's Children Real Audio series with images.
Audio Bible on CD - Alexander Scourby Collection Check out the new White House Website.
Purchase BKA Software. $4.95 each. Topical & Comprehensive.
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