The Black Obelisk of Shalmaneser

The Black Obelisk of Shalmaneser III

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World Empires and Assyria

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Timeline of Events


1000 David becomes king of Israel

971 Solomon becomes king of Israel

931 Rehoboam becomes king of Israel

931 Jeroboam rebels; sets up a rival kingdom in the north

931 Jeroboam becomes king of the 10 tribes of Israel (North)

931 Rehoboam becomes king of the 2 tribes of Judah (South)

913 Abijam becomes king of Judah

911 Asa becomes king of Judah

910 Nadab becomes king of Israel

909 Bausha becomes king of Israel

890 Benhadad becomes king of Syria

886 Elah becomes king of Israel; Zimri becomes king of Israel

885 Tibni becomes king of Israel

883 Ashurbanipal II becomes king of Assyria

880 Assyria becomes a world power

880 Omri becomes king of Israel

874 Ahab becomes king of Israel

873 Jehoshaphat becomes king of Judah

859 Shalmaneser III becomes king of Assyria

858 Elijah begins to prophesy

853 Ahaziah becomes king of Israel ;

853 Jehoram becomes king of Judah

852 Joram becomes king of Israel

852 Elisha begins to prophesy

841 Jehu becomes king of Israel

841 Ahaziah becomes king of Judah

841 Athaliah seizes the throne of Judah

841 Hazael becomes king of Syria

841 Jehu pays tribute to Shalmaneser III


Later Events with Israel and Assyria


820 The Lord Began to "Cut Off" Israel

734 The Captivity of Northern Israel by Tiglath-Pileser III

722 The End of the Northern Kingdom by Sargon II

721 28,000 Israelites Are Deported

720 Sargon Invades Judah

713 Sargon Invades Philistia, Edom and Moab

713 Isaiah Warns Judah Not Ask Egypt For Help

713 Sargon II Invades Judah Again

710 Sargon II Conquers Egypt

705 Sennacherib Becomes King of Assyria

702 Sennacherib Devastates Northern Judah and Lachish

701 Sennacherib Attacks Jerusalem

701 The Assyrian Army is Smote by God

612 Assyria is Destroyed by Babylon

609 The Assyrian Empire Comes to an End


1846 A.D. – The Black Obelisk is Discovered



"Of a truth O Lord, the kings of Assyria have laid waste the nations and their lands."
2 Kings 19:17


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