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Welcome to the Maps of the Roman Provinces downloads section. These will be helpful as you follow along in the BKA #4 program "The Spread of Christianity." Maps are handy tools and essential for any serious student of the Word.

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This program has been designed for the more serious student of the Bible and history, whatever age he or she might be. The information available is very easily accessible and the text can be copied and pasted right into your own personal document.

Maps of the Provinces of
the Roman Empire

        by Rusty Russell

Asia Minor and its provinces during the time of the Roman Empire.
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Download by clicking on this link:

Roman Provinces in Asia Minor

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This program was specifically designed to go with the Bible Knowledge Accelerator #4 "The Spread of Christianity," from the birth of the Church to the ministry of Paul in Rome. This particular map program on ASIA MINOR is part of a 16 map series containing detailed maps of the Roman Empire, although only 4 maps will be needed for BKA #4: SYRIA, ASIA MINOR, GREECE, and ROME. This program deals with ASIA MINOR and its provinces. It also covers topics about its geography and landscape in ancient and modern times and includes an extra map of all the Roman provinces during the period between 70-120 AD with pop-up names of each province. You can use the main map side by side with BKA #4 "The Spread of Christianity." My feelings are that it is very important to have a grasp on the areas that the apostles journeyed and having a good map handy is essential. I will have a map available very soon with detailed descriptions and history about the cities in each province.

 Provinces of the Roman Empire 70-120 AD. In the program you can click on the area of the province and see a pop-up name.
Provinces of the Roman Empire
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Note: There are many more programs that are being upgraded to Windows and will be available soon. Please be patient and pray that the Lord frees up my very busy schedule.

The Bible Knowledge Accelerator programs are designed to be informational tools and are free to the public. To see a list of them click on:

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