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Little is known about events during the early centuries of the first millennium BC because of the continual invasions by the Aramaeans. Though these people caused much disruption they eventually settled down and became part of Babylonian society. Because of them some changes did occur, for example the Aramaic language soon replaced Babylonian as a common language. Babylonian continued to be written and spoken by the educated classes.


Babylonian cultural achievements left a major mark upon the entire ancient world, and particularly on the Hebrews and the Greeks. Even present-day civilization is indebted culturally to Babylonian civilization to some extent. Babylonian influence is pervasive throughout the works of such Greek poets as Homer and Hesiod, in the geometry of the Greek mathematician Euclid, in astronomy, in astrology, and in heraldry. Most of the Jews in the world today study from the Babylonian Talmud which was written by Jewish rabbi’s in ancient Babylon. Yet it is amazing that such a powerful kingdom and such a culturally developed city should perish from the face of the earth as foretold in the Bible.


Ancient Babylonia

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