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Welcome to the Bible History Art Home Page. Visual aids to help in your Bible teaching.

The Gems on the High Priest's Breastplate

Graphic Design by Rusty Russell

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These are actual gems in modern times and the name of each tribe is inscribed on the stone. Each transparency contains a full size and full color image of each gem. There is also one full page transparency of all the gems together.

The Tabernacle Image

The Bronze Altar Image

The Bronze Laver Image

The Golden Lampstand Image

The Golden Table Image

The Golden Altar Image

The Ark of the Covenant Image

The 4-Faced Cherubim Image

The Breastplate Gems Image

300 dpi images, full page and full color Transparencies and Slides are available to help as visual aids in your Bible Teaching. The images on this site are reduced in color. The actual slides and transparencies are scanned from the original artwork in full page16 million colors. For prices and availability see Prices.

Available Artwork

Maps of the Ancient Roman World

The Ancient Tabernacle and Furniture

Some Fancy Drop Caps

For more info contact: Rusty Russell

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