The Life of Jesus in Chronological Order


BKA 159 - Jesus Chronology Chart

Thank you for downloading BKA 159 - Chart of the Life of Jesus in Chronological Order. This Bible Knowledge Accelerator program contains a clickable chart of the life of Jesus in chronological order with dates. It also includes the four gospel accounts arranged topically with the New King James translation of the New Testament, with a full color map. You can download more detailed studies concerning various topics by visiting Bible History Online.

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Chart of the Life of Jesus


Map of Israel in the Time of Jesus

Israel in New Testament Times

The Kingdom of Herod the Great

The Divisions of Herod's Kingdom

The Baptism of Jesus

The Flight into Egypt

Nazareth and the Sea of Galilee

The Beginning of Christ's Ministry

Jesus Ministers in Galilee

Jesus Comes to Jerusalem

Jerusalem in the Time of Jesus

Jesus goes to Jerusalem for Passover

Jesus Passes Through Samaria

Jesus Journeys from Nazareth to Jerusalem

The Final Journey of Jesus to Jerusalem

Jerusalem in the Time of Christ




Chart of the Chronology of Jesus' Life

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